Sorry–the hardest word

In the recent times saying “Sorry” seems to be becoming increasingly difficult for us. Be it our personal, professional or day-to day life. It reflects the fact that we are so much reluctant to admit our fault or mistake, no matter how trifle the fault may be. This is evident in smallest of examples.
I travel in public buses everyday to and fro work. Many a times, my head becomes victim to the elbows of ladies passing by my side. Sometimes my head is hit so hard, but the person never remember to apologize. In another incident, I was wearing pointed heels. That evening I was very tired and weary about something. And in the bus, I stepped on lady’s feet in the crowd. And I am embarrassed to say that I forgot to say sorry that day. These are small instances but they really got me thinking.

We will have innumerable situations in our personal as well as professional lives where we find it really very difficult to say sorry. A trifle with a colleague, but why should I say ‘sorry’, let the other person apologize first. A quarrel with our fiancee/spouse/sibling/friend, I won’t say ‘sorry’ first. These are our normal thoughts. This is because we associate  the word ‘sorry’ with admitting defeat. The ultimate culprit being our big inflated ego. And we choose to forget that having a fat ego can easily break invaluable relationships. This is not only restricted to our individual lives but extends to the entire human community.

Like any siblings, me and my sister fight a lot. When we were younger, we would go for days without talking to each other. But now we have become wiser, and when we have quarrels, we say sorry and make up immediately (that means within a couple of hours!!). I once had a trifle with a classmate and we didn’t communicate for almost a year.

Keeping a fat ego for a pet has never benefited anyone nor it will ever. Saying ‘sorry’ do not always means admitting defeat. It also means that ‘I care’. So we should all try and start saying ‘sorry’ whenever needed even if “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”. And trust me, it always makes you feel better.

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