Fluttering Kites

This Independence Day (15th August) was a cloudy day in Delhi and it had been raining lightly. I spent the day watching television along with my husband. My husband’s young cousin brother informed me that he will be on the terrace flying kites. I was oblivious to the fact that people here celebrate Independence Day by flying kites on the terrace and that what a lively atmosphere it was outside. It was late afternoon when I found out what was going on and then made my way up to the terrace. I was awed when I saw hundreds of colourful kites fluttering against the strong wind. I had never seen such a scene before. For a few minutes I was cross at my husband that he did not take me up to the terrace earlier. All the terraces in the area were full of people, flying kites, competing with each other. I took few photographs on my cell-phone. Although I could not capture the magic I witnessed, still I would like to share them with you. Click on the photograph for a larger view.
Light and Shade
Prepping up
Hint of a rainbow behind
Flying high
My favourite
Last flutters

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