Being unemployed And Its Side-Effects

It has been a few months since I had quit my job to be with my husband. And I am yet to land on a new job. Since my husband and I were residing in two different parts of the country, it was only logical that one of us moved. And it was more practical on my part to be the one to relocate. Many were astonished at my decision and asked why I was leaving such a lucrative job. But my well-wishers understood my decision. As one of my friends often said what’s the use of getting married if both has to stay apart. Anyways my post is not actually about this. But it is about the side-effects, for a woman, of quitting the job. And here is my list:
  • You are back on pocket money.
  • The first couple of months seem like a vacation.
  • Job searching becomes your new job.
  • You learn to cook new dishes.
  • You lose sense of day and date.
  • You do literal window-shopping. Only looking, no buying.
  • You switch to cheaper substitutes of your regular used products.
  • You stay mad and sad for some few days in the month. You are most likely to feel on such days that nobody cares or appreciates you.
  • You get time for your hobbies. Like I read a lot now and tend to my expanding garden.
  • You stay away from your credit card, your ex-best pal.
  • You hone your house-keeping skills , which you didn’t know you possessed.
  • Your multitasking skills are always put to test.
  • You look forward to weekends when your husband has his off days.
  • You can’t shower gifts on your loved ones as before.
  • You hit on street food rather than restaurant food.
  • You start postponing several things/plans.
  • You become ultra economic.
  • And last but definitely not the least, you learn the value of a penny all over again.

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