W for Ward’s Lake

Ward’s Lake is a beautiful man-made lake in Shillong, in the State of Meghalaya of India. The lake is named after Sir William Ward, the then, Chief Commissioner of Assam. (Shillong was once the capital of undivided Assam). A beautiful little lake with short garden walks and boating facilities – this is a popular spot for both local and visiting tourists. It is known as Nan-Polok among the locals.

The first time I visited Ward’s Lake was in 1995, when I went to participate in the 1st Junior National Karate championship. Since then, I have visited the lake a number of times. There is a ornamental bridge across the lake, where you can stand and feed the goldfish below. The lake is full of pretty and big goldfish, who are in my opinion quite obese. Thanks to the generous visitors. You can buy food for them from the vendors inside the lake complex.
The last I was there was in December 2009, along with my office buddies. We all had joined the organization only a month prior to the visit. Here are a few pictures.


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