Being A German Fan

FIFA 2014 Champions
I don’t remember how I started following FIFA World Cups. But it was in the year 1998 and I was in high school. That year I was addicted to Ricky Martin’s songs (even though I didn’t understand most of it). I guess his singing of the official song for FIFA 1998 “La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life)” was one factor pushing me towards watching this sport. And I remember Deta cutting out the match schedule from the newspaper and pasted it on the wall behind the television. Except “The Cup of Life”, I don’t remember much of that World Cup.
Miroslav Klose
I gained real interest during the FIFA 2002. I watched the match between Germany and Saudi Arabia and I had a huge crush on Miroslav Klose. And because of him I became a supporter of the German football team and I still am. I used to cut out his pictures from the newspaper and pasting them in my personal diary. I was also awed by Kahn’s goalkeeping skills. I was elated when Germany made it to the final. But when Brazil defeated them, I came to dislike Brazil very strongly. I still pray that they lose every match!

I am not much of a technical fan. I am not that kind who has all records and stats on her fingertips. I am an emotional fan and I support the German football team with all my heart.

The next two World Cups of 2006 and 2010 went by without involvement as I didn’t have access to television. Listening to the official songs was my only activity. Around that time, Az and I would say that we would watch the next Word Cup together and we finally did so this year.
Joachim Loew

This year, I watched all the matches played by Germany. And I would wait anxiously for Klose to come out to the football. In the initial matches he hardly played and would come out in the second halves only. And isn’t the German coach Joachim Loew handsome! Being a German fan is not easy in the house as I am the only supporter. I sat in the same chair in front of the television throughout the tournament. I wouldn’t say much during the match even though they were playing well. I was not even saying much in the social media. I didn’t want to jinx anything in any way. It was only after the match was over that I would express my jubilation. And I had decided that I would write a post at the end of the tournament.

For me the match against Brazil was the most enjoyable. Mainly because I hate the Brazilian football team as I had earlier mentioned. It was the perfect revenge of 2002. The icing on the cake was that Klose broke Ronaldo’s (ironically a Brazilian) record and is now the top scorer with 16 goals in World Cup tournaments. After that match, it was decided that if Germany wins the World Cup, I would treat the family with KFC’s Zinger burger.

We were all gearing up for the final. I was supporting Germany and the boys were supporting Argentina. Unfortunately because of the power problems we were having last week, the television stopped working on Saturday evening. And it couldn’t be repaired before the match. Internet was our last hope. So we started searching for online links to watch the match. 
But even our internet was slow that night and the first half of the match literally a blur. In the second half the connection improved and the streaming was far better. When the game went into the extra time, I was just praying that Germany scores a goal and defends it. I didn’t want the match to go into the penalty shootouts. I had seen the Argentinian goalkeeper’s saves in their previous match against Netherlands. Even though Neuer is good, I didn’t want to witness any risk. Finally the much desired goal came in the closing minutes. What a fantastic goal by Goetze!
Goetze’s winning goal
So the German fan in me had a wonderful time this year. And I know that all football fans have to agree that this German team truly deserved the cup. I now look forward to FIFA 2018. It breaks my heart that Klose wouldn’t be in that German team. But that doesn’t mean that I would stop supporting the team. The German team has earned my loyalties and I love being a German fan. It is now time for that burger.

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