Local Maayka

My little sister Namz arrived in Delhi exactly three years ago. This one was a first because it was she who used to follow me to a new place. But this time it was I who followed her; even though I knew much before that I had to come here anyways. She moved to Delhi a year before my wedding. She rented a DDA 1BHK flat and I came over from Guwahati for a few days to help her settle.  I got married from her place. So technically her place has been my local maayka (maternal home in Hindi).

Ever since the it was confirmed that Namz is getting transferred to Bengaluru (I still prefer to say Bangalore), both she and I have been kind of sad. She kept saying that she would kidnap me and take me along with her. You see, we two have always been together since her birth. At most we have been in two separate cities/towns for a year. And now she is gone to a different part of the country altogether.

After I moved to Delhi, it was Namz who showed me around, taking me to different markets and site-seeing. Almost every month, I would spend a couple of days at her place and she at ours. Her place had been my refuge and solace at times of frustration and madness. Whenever I used to be fed up with my duties in my marital home, I would run off to Namz’s place. But no more. Now Az and his siblings will have to bear the burnt of my blues!

Twelve days back, I went to her place for the final time, to help her pack. We spent the night in the traditional way; ordering something special for dinner, watching a movie and talking. The next day the movers and packers came and took away everything except two suitcases. Namz spent the next ten days at our place. And the days flew by. She left two days back.
With Namz gone, the bright colour of my life in drab Delhi is gone. Ma is also upset for she knows I have been rendered lonely. Also with both daughters in the same city, we used to have a family reunion when Ma and Deta came to visit.
Now Namz is busy masterminding as to how she can move Az and me to Bangalore. She left warning Az that either we should move or he would find me missing someday!

Namz being in Delhi was my connection home. Now that my local maayka had been shut down, I have lost my refreshing asylum. But I can’t be selfish. Moving there is a positive turn for her life. Here, I have Az and the family. But she would be all alone there, adjusting to a new life in a new city. So the move is difficult for her too. Life goes on, doesn’t it?
I miss you sweetie. Will see you soon.

4 thoughts on “Local Maayka

  1. Leaving you behind is definitely one of my most difficult decisions to make. My second mother and my soul sister… You are… I miss you so much! And I love you so much girl… :>


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