A Simple SMS…2

The same friend of mine had sent me a SMS a few weeks back. I didn’t delete it from my inbox and today I thought of sharing it. This, too, like the previous one is a lesson for life…

“People are often Unreasonable & Self-centered…FORGIVE them anyway..
If you are Honest, people may Cheat you…be HONEST anyway..
If you find Happiness, people may be Jealous…be HAPPY anyway..
The Good you do today, may be Forgotten tomorrow…do GOOD anyway..
The people you Care for, may not appreciate your Affection…LOVE them anyway..
Give the World the Best you have, yet it may never be Enough…give your BEST anyway..
Because in the End, it’s between YOU AND GOD…it was never between you and THEM anyway…”

I don’t think anything else needs to be added here.

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